1. mashable:

    YouTube singers Peter Hollens and Nick Pitera have combined their vocal magic to conjure up a men’s-only medley of songs from the musical Wicked.

    thank you for making this tuesday much better

  2. Happy 25th Birthday Daniel Jacob Radcliffe!

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    Forrest Gump (1994)

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  4. "Dan, you’re like the closest person I’ve ever met to the guy in America Psycho. And I think you might think that that’s a compliment, but that’s just because a part of your brain is missing.” 

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  5. Demian Bichir and Diane Kruger being interviewed by Extra. June 11, 2014.

    i love love love this show 

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    Jason Mraz: Love Someone

    Jason Mraz performs Love Someone for The Tonight Show audience!

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  10. newyorker:

    A cartoon by Christopher Weyant. Click-through for a slide show of more wine-themed cartoons from our archive: http://nyr.kr/1mYJr3A

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  12. google doodle, doing what it does best 

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    by Gret B.

    happy pigs 

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